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Advanced Urology – Urology Clinic Sydney

Advanced Urology is a highly regarded urology clinic Sydney patients can access for expert, specialist urological care from dedicated professionals.

At his urology clinic in Sydney, Dr Lawrence Kim uses the latest modern surgical technologies and evidence-based treatments, to offer his patients a tailored, multidisciplinary approach to their care.

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Conditions We Treat

At Advanced Urology, Dr Lawrence Kim offers patients evidence-based treatments for a wide number of urological conditions, affecting both men and women. Dr Kim has a special interest in urological cancers, having completed extensive training in all facets of uro-oncology.

Dr Kim offers treatments for kidney cancer, bladder cancer, prostate cancer, penile cancer and testicular cancer. He also offers treatments and management options for other urological concerns, including kidney stones, enlarged prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH), adrenal disease, and various men’s health conditions.

When you visit the Sydney urology clinic, Advanced Urology, you can expect the highest standard of specialist urological care. Your consultation will offer you a thorough understanding of your urological condition, as well as available treatment options, including non-surgical approaches. Dr Lawrence Kim will always take the time to make sure his patients are properly informed, discussing all the potential benefits, expected recovery time and outcomes, alongside any potential risks or complications of the treatment.

For those patients who may be requiring surgery, Dr Kim and his team will always make available the appropriate pre- and post-operative information. At Advanced Urology, patients are encouraged to communicate with our team, asking questions to ensure that they have a thorough understanding of all aspects of their surgical treatment at all stages.

At our urology clinic Sydney patients are also supported pre- and post-operatively with contact information for relevant allied health professionals that may be advantageous to the success of their treatments and procedures.

Robotic Urological Surgery

Dr Lawrence Kim is proud to be performing robotic surgical procedures at Advanced Urology clinic in Sydney. Robotic surgery is a minimally invasive surgical alternative to conventional open or laparoscopic kidney surgery. The robotic surgical approach offers a number of potential benefits to both the patient and the surgeon. Some of these benefits include the following:

  • The precise robotic instruments offer the surgeon improved dexterity
  • Greater visibility of the operating field, with the robotic console offering 3D vision inside the patient’s body
  • Smaller incisions, with less bleeding and less scarring for the patient
  • Faster surgery time with less post-operative pain
  • Reduced incidence of post-operative complications
  • A shorter hospital stay, faster recovery, and faster return to normal activities.

Dr Kim is a highly trained expert in performing robotic surgery. During your consultation, he will discuss with you in detail whether robotic surgery is an appropriate treatment approach for your individual condition and personal circumstances.

Expert Urological Care

At Advanced Urology clinic Sydney, Dr. Lawrence Kim is one of the few urologists in Australia who specializes in retzius-sparing radical prostatectomy. This innovative surgical approach to treating prostate cancer involves removing the prostate gland, using a technique that differs from traditional surgical methods by approaching the prostate from below rather than above the bladder. Extensive clinical research has demonstrated that this surgical technique yields better continence outcomes for patients.

Advanced Urology is proud to distinguish itself by offering a comprehensive prostate cancer clinic that incorporates a multidisciplinary approach, collaborating closely with radiation oncologists.

Additionally, Dr. Lawrence Kim oversees a highly specialized complex kidney cancer clinic within his urology clinic Sydney.

This broad range of services ensures that patients have access to a diverse array of surgical techniques and cutting-edge treatments for both urological cancers and benign conditions.

Setting the Standard in Patient Care

At Advanced Urology, Dr Lawrence Kim always strives to achieve the best outcomes for his patients, whilst demonstrating the utmost care and respect towards each individual. Dr. Kim emphasizes patient involvement in decision-making regarding their care and treatment, prioritizing their well-being and ensuring they are fully informed throughout their patient journey.

Advanced Urology – Urology Clinic Sydney- Locations Serviced

Sydney urology clinic, Advanced Urology offers patients convenience and ease of access, with consultation times and surgical appointments available at a number of locations throughout New South Wales. Locations include:

  • Westmead Private Hospital
  • SAN Clinic in Wahroonga
  • Castle Hill Consulting Rooms
  • Macquarie University Hospital
  • Sydney Adventist Hospital
  • Norwest Private Hospital.

Should you require assistance in determining which of our locations is closest to you, please contact our clinic and our team will be happy to help.

Scheduling an Appointment

If you interested in arranging a consultation time with Dr Lawrence Kim at our Sydney urology clinic, you will need to obtain a referral from your GP before telephoning our rooms on 02 9633 2088. Alternatively, if you prefer, you may complete our online contact form, and a member of our administrative team will be in contact to schedule an appointment time for you.

Advanced Urology – Urology Clinic Sydney – Information For Referrers

For healthcare providers who are in search of a reputable and experienced urology clinic Sydney patients can conveniently access, Dr Lawrence Kim and his team at Advanced Urology offer the the highest standard of professional, specialist urological care.

General practitioners can have absolute confidence in their referral, knowing that patients will have access to the latest and most effective medical and surgical treatment options.

If you are a GP that is wishing to refer a patient to Dr Lawrence Kim at Advanced Urology, please complete our online referral form. Our team endeavours to attend to urgent patients promptly; in these instances, please ensure that your referral is clearly marked as ‘URGENT’ so that our team may arrange for immediate care.