Our Approach

Our Story – Learnt From Patients

Dr Kim believes that he could restore a good quality of life in many of his patients through all the treatment options available including non surgical approach.

Dr Kim will weigh up all effective treatment options and will take his time to discuss the potential merits, expected recovery and outcomes as well as potential risks or complications of each treatment. He would encourage your active participation and will ensure your full understanding prior to deciding on which treatment is being offered in your best interests.

Dr Kim takes any surgery very seriously and will look after you with his dedicated care and integrity.

Dr Kim also understands that for some patients it could be confusing and stressful to make decisions about medical or surgical treatments. He will work with you closely to address your concerns and even offer you to seek a second opinion if that would be felt to help. Dr Kim is also happy to see patients who seek a second opinion for various reasons. Based on Dr Kim’s experience the majority of patients were keen to explore other treatment options including latest technical advances or technologies, or were unhappy or uncomfortable with their specialist as they did not feel that their concerns were carefully heard or listened to. He has found that some patients were simply struggling with accepting a diagnosis or deciding over many treatment options and would just need to feel reassured that they are making the right decision tailored to their own needs and preference.

Rest assured Dr Kim strives to achieve the best outcome for you.

He constantly reviews his results and has devoted his career to offering cutting edge treatments by incorporating research including his own into his clinical practice.

How Dr. Kim Works
Your Correct Diagnosis

When Dr Kim meets new patients the most important task is to ensure your symptoms have been fully listened to and diagnosis has been made correctly.

While some patients present with features suggestive of certain diagnosis including cancer, its confirmation is critical as everything flows from this. This would help you to consider any treatment options more confidently with trust.

Diagnostic Process

Typically this stage involves:

  • taking your medical history,
  • performing a focussed, appropriate examination,
  • arranging relevant and useful investigations,
  • reviewing all medical evidence to ensure the best possible advice can be provided and your concerns have been addressed.

Once diagnosis is made Dr Kim will go through pros and cons of all the treatment options and come up with personalised treatment plan.

Dr Kim's Pledge

He pledges to all his patients:

Should the advice for a non-surgical approach not result in a good quality of life or not be appropriate, Dr Kim will consider surgery if deemed to be of benefit.

He will explain all the potential options and help you to choose the best treatment together as a team tailored to your wish and needs.

Dr Kim will work together with you and treat you with utmost care and respect.