Treatment for Testicular Cancer

Treatment for testicular cancer in Sydney.

Stages of Testicular Cancer

In addition to the results of the diagnostic tests (history, physical examination, tumour markers), CT scan of the chest, abdomen and pelvis is done to determine whether and how far the cancer has spread.

  • Stage 1 means the cancer is found only in the testicle,
  • Stage 2 means it has spread to the lymph nodes in the abdomen or pelvis, and
  • Stage 3 means the cancer has spread beyond the lymph nodes to other areas of the body such as the lungs and liver.

If the cancer is found only in the testicle (stage 1), removal of the testicle (orchidectomy) would most likely be the only treatment needed. If the cancer has spread beyond the testicle or risk of spread is believed to be high, chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy may be used as well.

Treatment for Testicular Cancer Team

Depending on your treatment for testicular cancer, your treatment team may include a number of the following professionals:

  • GP who looks after your general health and coordinates specialist treatment
  • urologist who specialises in the treatment of diseases of the urinary system and male reproductive system; performing removal of the Testis (Radical orchidectomy) and enlarged/abnormal lymph nodes in the abdomen (Retroperitoneal lymph node dissection).
  • medical oncologist who prescribes chemotherapy treatment
  • radiation oncologist who prescribes radiation therapy
  • cancer nurses
  • endocrinologist who specialises in diagnoses and treatment of disorders of the endocrine system. For men who have had both testicles removed, this will include testosterone replacement
  • other health professionals such as dietitians, social workers and physiotherapists.

Palliative Care

Testis cancer has a very high cure rate. It also responds well to chemotherapy even in the setting of metastatic testis cancer.

In a rare setting, your medical team may talk to you about palliative care. Palliative care aims to improve your quality of life by alleviating symptoms of cancer.

As well as slowing the spread of testicular cancer, palliative treatment can relieve pain and help manage other symptoms. Treatment may include radiotherapy, chemotherapy or other drug therapies

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