Care Plan

What to Expect?

Urology surgery covers a range of treatments. Our practice offer a programs designed to help you before, during and after treatments.

The program covers the preoperative to postoperative needs of patients incorporating ongoing support along with a range of tools and resources.

Our Surgical Team

If surgery is needed for you Dr Kim and his dedicated team of individuals will make sure that you have the support and guidance you need while you recover from surgery.

The qualified and friendly professionals who can help you include:

  • Dr Kim and his team doctors and nurses who will monitor your progress and guide you as you recover
  • Multidisciplinary team
  • Radiation Oncologists
  • Medical Oncologists
  • Nephrologists and other Physicians
  • Anaesthetists
  • Physiotherapists

Your Treatment Program

Aftercare will either be performed at our practice or occasionally be referred to outside practitioners.

We feel it is our responsibility to provide help with the aftercare needs of patients undergoing surgery.

Dr Kim and his staff are well trained and highly experienced in aftercare, and know how to help you get the most.

Ongoing Care Before, During and After Surgery

Patients are provided with:

  • Preoperative patient screening,
  • Information about your surgery,
  • Details about the procedure
  • What to expect after the surgery,
  • Open communication between the patient, surgeon and the support team,
  • A follow-up schedule to help monitor postoperative progress,
  • Post surgery treatments, if required
  • Psychological counselling, if needed.

Life After Surgery

After your surgery, Dr Kim will provide you with ongoing support and a personalised Care Plan. Your Care Plan includes several important components these are:

  • Medical Follow Up Appointments ,
  • Post Operative Program ,
  • Multi Disciplinary Support, and Psychological Counseling, if appropriate