Other Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Penile Injection Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

Dr Kim offers a penile injection therapy program which supports many men in gaining the full benefits of this therapy.

We can offer patients the very latest in penile injection therapy. Through our clinic we have access to either

  • very fine needles, or
  • needle free injection devices for easy pain free administration

Injection Training

Should you decide that penile injection therapy is needed, we believe that it is vital that patients are adequately trained and supported.

Patients considering a penile injection program, we will show you how to apply the medication safely. The first session involves your doctor demonstrating to you, in a detailed step-by-step fashion, the correct technique in penile injections. This will also be your first “test dose”.

Your doctor will record your response and at the second session, the dose will likely be increased or decreased accordingly.

First Session

After the first training session, your doctor will give you several detailed handouts. The most important one is the print step-by-step diagrammatic instructions.

Please review these several times prior to your second, and final, training session.

Second Session

At your second training session, your doctor will carefully watch your technique as you demonstrate how you perform self-injection therapy. Your doctor will refine your technique as appropriate. The vast majority of men will have sufficient confidence after these 2 training sessions to commence home penile injection therapy.

At this second session, your doctor will also judge your response to the new dose and will tell you the next dose that you will inject at home.

Even when you have demonstrated the ability to undertake home injection therapy, you and your doctor will continue to liaise after each injection until the desired result is achieved.

Oral Medication for Erectile Dysfunction

There are several well publicised erectile dysfunction medications available. These mediations are mostly variations of vasodilator drugs.

They are effective for many men but for men who have diabetes, other chronic disorders or who are older in age, they tend to have lower efficacy.

While these medications are convenient they do carry complications and in some cases serious risk. Common among these are headaches.

If you want to learn about these medications safety, efficacy or what your other choices are please arrange for a referral from your general practitioner and make an appointment to see Dr Kim.